This is a game were you deafeat the Omega Defiance to regain suit powers and I'll also give you cheats on hoe to deafet them

Controls : X to choose between sute powers,Spacebar to blast,Z to use powers, up to jump,down to crouch and left and right to go left and right

The Suit PowersEdit

After defeated a boss you regain a suit powers

Energy Shield : Protects you from anything

Speed Dash : Use it to break through breakable walls

Stomp Attack : Use it when a you see a crack in floor

Grapple Hook : Makes you reach higher places

Micro Blaster : Use it when you see a metal plate in wall

Night Vision : Use it to see stuff that are invicible and blocking you

Levels and CheatsEdit

 Helix - Fight his mutated animals. Cheat : Shoot at his head

Necros - Fight his zombies.Cheat : Whenever he comes done blast him

Xero - Fight his robots.Cheat : Whenever you see a red bomb sign on his super robot blast it

Cerebella - Fight her henchmen.Cheat: Shoot the blue shining orbs and then blast her when here energy shield is gone

General Cross - Fight his cyborgs and war machines.Cheat : Use energy shiled stand beside him and when he blasts his bomb shoot it

Zefir - Fight his weather dudes. Cheat : Shoot clouds then shoot him and use energy shiled to protect self from acid rain

Kronis - TBA

Last StandEdit

There is also a game exacly like it called Last Stand except you dont fight henchmen ou just go straight to the bosses.Cheats and suit powers are the same as Mission Omega

Helix : Excacly the same except you have to shoot his head only around 4 times

Necros : Excacly the same except you can just run around and the green blast will disapper

Xero : The same except you only have to shoot the three bomb sighns once

Cerebella : The same except you shoot orbs only once

General Cross : The same

Zefir - The same except you shoot cloud only once