AAron Stone avatar of Season 1

In the video gameEdit

Aaron stone is Charlie Landers's avatar for the big budget video game Hero Rising where players can create avatars. Although avatars are normally the same gender as the player, people can create avatars of the opposite gender, one person is Ram who created an avatar called Lethal Lotus (who is a girl).

Battle SuitEdit

Aaron has on his suit a...

  • Gauntlet which shoots lasers and has been upgraded throghout a couple of episodes by Emma Lau.
  • Aaron also wears a pair of trainers called X5s which allow him to jump great distances as show in the episode 'Tracker & Field' were he used it to beat Harrison in a long jump practice .

    Aaron Stone avatar of Season 2

  • In a season 1 episode 'My two S.T.A.N.S' Emma gave him a climbing spike (which was upgraded into his gauntlet) so he could climb up to Kronis' hideout, it later saved his life when he was almost killed by almost getting sucked into the wormhole (which future S.T.A.N. blew up from the inside).
  • He also has a helmet (for when he is riding his motorbike) which is activated when thinks the word "helmet"
  • Later on Emma gives him a shield which he can pull out from the back of his suit.